“Ocado’s New Ad Campaign: Price Promise

In a creative collaboration with independent agency St Luke’s, Ocado has launched a dynamic multi-media campaign showcasing their expansive Price Promise. Leading the campaign is a captivating TV spot that takes a unique approach to the ubiquitous “value” icons that typically materialize out of thin air in traditional supermarket commercials. St Luke’s has ingeniously transformed these icons into tangible roundels, providing a visually striking representation of Ocado’s commitment to value. Notably, the roundel design, as well as the campaign assets and website, were meticulously crafted by Ocado’s in-house creative team.

The campaign is set to debut on May 22 and will be prominently featured across various platforms, including television, video-on-demand services, YouTube, social media, and digital channels, running until July. Hearts & Science and Threepipe have been entrusted with media planning and buying for this ambitious endeavour.

The 30-second film titled “10,000 Price Promises” takes viewers on an intriguing journey. Our protagonist becomes aware of a peculiar presence in her kitchen after her inquisitive dog directs its gaze towards the bread bin. To her surprise, the bin starts moving on its own, eventually popping open to reveal a lively roundel floating alongside her assortment of crumpets and delectable mixed seed deli rolls.

The lively ping of roundels continues its playful sweep across the kitchen, with a pull-out shelf effortlessly extending itself to showcase cans, jars, packages, and an abundance of value roundels. Even the fridge and freezer join in on the action, showcasing Ocado’s unwavering dedication to providing exceptional value.

Captivated by the unfolding spectacle, our protagonist’s attention is drawn to a wall cabinet that unexpectedly flings open, causing an avalanche of countless roundels to cascade into her kitchen. This physical representation serves as a powerful visual testament to the remarkable breadth and depth of the Ocado Price Promise.

As the woman and her trusty canine companion emerge from the roundel deluge, a resounding voiceover reinforces the campaign’s core message: “If a customer’s like-for-like Ocado shopping experience is not already priced lower than Tesco.com, they will receive a voucher for the difference”.

Experience the captivating world of Ocado’s Price Promise campaign, where value comes alive in every corner of your kitchen.

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