Ocado’s Game-Changing Move

The Trade Desk, a leading global ad tech company, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Ocado Retail, the world’s largest dedicated online supermarket. This collaboration is set to transform the way advertisers connect their campaigns with customer sales across the open internet. In a pioneering move for the UK’s grocery retail industry, Ocado will provide direct access to its valuable customer behaviour data, enabling marketers to optimize their audience targeting and attribute campaign success through The Trade Desk’s platform.

By granting advertisers access to consented shopper data and insights, Ocado empowers its suppliers and The Trade Desk’s clients to leverage the power of its first-party audiences. This revolutionary approach allows marketers to precisely reach potential customers who are actively in the market for their products, unlocking the potential for driving essential marketing objectives, including customer acquisition and long-term brand loyalty.

One of the game-changing advantages of this partnership is the ability to optimize targeted campaigns using Ocado’s rich data. By harnessing this information, marketers can now bridge the gap between advertising spend and actual sales, gaining valuable insights into the direct impact of their campaigns. This level of accountability and precision marks a significant leap forward when compared to existing on-site solutions, where ad campaigns are limited to retailer-owned inventory.

Moreover, this collaboration opens up a world of possibilities for brands to reach their target audiences across the vast expanse of the open internet and beyond. From connected TV to digital out-of-home platforms, advertisers can now tap into the industry’s fastest-growing channels, ensuring their messages reach the right audience in the most engaging and impactful ways. This signifies a monumental development that transcends the confines of traditional on-site solutions.

Steve Martin, VP of Data Partnerships EMEA & APAC at The Trade Desk, recognizes the transformative potential of this partnership. He emphasizes that retail media is reshaping the marketing landscape, and the collaboration with Ocado presents an extraordinary opportunity for brands to enhance the effectiveness of their ad spend by precisely targeting high-value shoppers. Martin expresses pride in aligning with a company that pioneers new standards within the industry and shares The Trade Desk’s passion for driving innovation.

As the industry continues to evolve, finding alternative approaches to identity on the open internet becomes paramount. The availability of audience data intrinsically linked to users without relying on third-party cookies is essential. Here, Ocado’s first-party data shines as a future-proof solution, designed for the opt-in internet era, where media transactions operate independently of third-party cookies. This positions Ocado and The Trade Desk at the forefront of industry adaptation, leveraging data to deliver personalized and relevant advertising in a changing landscape.

Ben O’Mahoney, Adtech and Data Partnerships Lead at Ocado Retail, expresses genuine excitement about this pioneering partnership. As the first UK grocer to offer such comprehensive data-matching opportunities, Ocado takes pride in revolutionizing the industry. O’Mahoney believes that the collaboration with The Trade Desk will empower marketers to better target and connect with customers in real-time, thanks to actionable insights derived from Ocado’s data. This innovative approach cements Ocado’s commitment to driving progress and leading the way in grocery retail.


In conclusion, the partnership between The Trade Desk and Ocado Retail heralds a new era in the realm of advertising and sales attribution. By leveraging Ocado’s customer behaviour data, advertisers can unlock a deeper understanding of their campaigns’ impact on actual sales, while reaching their desired audiences more precisely across various digital channels. This groundbreaking collaboration not only raises the bar for the UK’s grocery retail industry but also sets a new standard for data-driven advertising that will shape the future of marketing.

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